Tentative RouteHere’s a post of my tentative route. Tentative. I love that word. Way back in another lifetime when I used to teach, I’d hand out a syllabus on the first day of class. It always said at the top TENTATIVE SCHEDULE. That one word gave me permission to, well … do whatever I wanted in spite of what was on the paper. This is my Plan “A” when I start. I may make it through the entire alphabet of plans before I actually put my kickstand down as I watch the sun set over the Pacific.

As much as I like to plan, I think I like the fact that it allows me to improvise even more. I’m sure I’ll steer clear of the interstates far more than this route implies.  Those red flags are generally things that interest me.  (Like the one in Spirit Lake, Iowa – the birthplace of new Indian Motorcycles)

I’ll be leaving from Georgia near the end of July and taking about 10-14 days to get up to the Oregon coast.

My plan right now is to ship my bike home on a truck, and ship me home on a plane…with a soft seat.

The reason I wanted you to know my TENTATIVE route was to ask if you had any suggestions or comments about it. I haven’t been down this road before. You may live alongside it. I’d like to know what is out there that will make this ride-of-a-lifetime, …well, …my ride of a lifetime.

Do you know about a long-lost roadside tourist trap? (I’ve always been a sucker for these)

Do you know some historical site that isn’t more than a day of travel off the TENTATIVE line?

Are you a local that would like to ride with me for a while? I could probably use the company.

Where is the perfect smoked brisket/salmon/elk/dead animal on a plate?

I can’t wait to find out what’s around the next turn.

6 thoughts on ““Tentative”

  1. That post just made your trip real! I don’t feel like a fan right now, sorry. I don’t like looking at that map. You really ARE going to drive across the United States on 2 wheels. It scares me. It looks like a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long way to go! I’m worried that your butt will go numb, an 18 wheeler will run you over carelessly like roadkill and just keep going or that you will stop in the middle of nowhere to tie your shoelace and a rare species of spider will bite your hand as you reach for your boot and that’s it…you are lying dead in uncomfortable gravel and dirt with some old styrofoam gas station coffee cups near your head with no one to keep the flies off of you and I can’t find you. I think I’m going to have bad dreams tonight.
    Your Wife

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  2. Once you get to point “C” on the map (looks like Eureka Springs?) you are really close to my neck of the woods! I haven’t had 2 wheels since the late 80’s or I would meet up with you and ride with you a while. If that is a stopping point for the night, I’d still be willing to drive over and say hey and maybe grab some dinner. Let me know when you’d be passing through.


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    • That’s Eureka Springs! It is my plan to sleep there on my second night from home. I didn’t think about how close I’d be to you. If you’re home the last week of July we will have to get together! Over the next month I’ll start trying to pin down a more definite schedule.
      Have you considered going back to the 80’s?


  3. Welcome to WP! Glad you visited my blog as I do love following the adventures of others.
    I am envious about your cross country trip. I’ve done it by truck, 20 years ago, but have yet to do it by bike, although several of my friends have. I’ll definitely do it, though.
    So … you should visit Jeff at https://jmadog.com/. Once you get there, check out the Ride 50 at 50 posts. Three guys from England celebrated turning 50 by riding across the US on Indians. It was so cool to follow their trip. Jeff met them in Kansas City, and I see by your map that you will be passing through or by.


  4. Looks like it’s going to be an awesome trip! The only thing I would say is that Colorado is absolutely worth an extra two days to ride around. Awesome food (beef, elf, buffalo, etc.) and amazing views throughout most of the state. If you decide to detour here I can make some great recommendations for you! Ride safe, and hopefully wifey doesn’t worry too much!


    • Thanks for dropping by the blog. Colorado may be on a future bucket list! I’ve been able to visit the state in a car a few times and loved it all. I have a couple of friends who took a trip down the million dollar highway and raved about it. I think if I started riding there I may not ever leave.

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