My bike is at the shop getting it’s last check-up before the coast-to-coast ride.

It feels strangely awkward to have this empty space in my garage and a lack of opportunity to jump on my bike and go somewhere.

Maybe that’s why my thoughts have now turned toward gear.

Maybe it’s a capitalistic ploy to get me to give away my assets in a continuing circle of exchange of labor and resources in which I always will be at the mercy of the bosses.

Or maybe it’s just that since birth I have been attempting to amass a collection of stuff that makes me smile and gives me things to do with my hands that keeps me out of jail.

I’m going with the latter explanation because it’s a lot more fun. And I have a whole cabinet full of stuff.


Yeah, that’s my “garage bike gear cabinet and sticker mounting surface.” It holds the part of my collection that doesn’t include tools and most clothing related items. Notice the lock. That’s for people who remove things and do not put them back, or use them in a manner for which they were not designed. In other words, the lock helps me stay married to the most wonderful woman in the world.

I’ve been told there’s an old Russian saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”  Well, I’ve adapted that to biker speak – “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just more gear that you need to buy!”

Gloves, boots, rain gear, sun gear, comfy tushie gear … the list can go on forever. And it probably will.

I need another cabinet.

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