Honestly, when I began the blog I wasn’t sure what it’s purpose would be. Maybe a record of the trip (it was). Maybe a way to stay in touch with my friends and family who would want to keep up with my adventure (it was). Or maybe a way to get those inside-my-own-helmet thoughts down in some coherent form (yep). Today, I think this blog is “D” – all of the above.img_5138

I’ve been neglecting this blog. Life offline has taken a much bigger priority since I completed my cross country trip. But today I have a few minutes to catch up and reflect. My heart mind and soul are in a peaceful and extremely grateful place today. Not just because there’s a national holiday celebrating food, well, maybe a little, but mostly because much has been entrusted to me. More than my portion. More than I will ever deserve. I’m in my chair, with my coffee, dog at my side, and sipping good strong coffee in my jammies, watching the Macy’s parade playing on low volume, and listening to my girls cook, and craft, and plan in the kitchen.

Life is short. No one get’s off this rock alive. But even in the most chaotic, burdened lives, I believe there are moments to celebrate. Breathing. Sunshine. Holding hands. In all of time and space, can we even begin to comprehend what miracles these moments offer us? No effort earns them. No charity can give them. They are mercy and grace beyond anything mankind is capable of generating.img_5147

My prayers today are wide ranging. I pray that you are riding this wave of unspeakable gratitude in your spirit along with me. I pray that you are awake and alert to the warmth and love in that fleeting glance, or the smell of baking bread. I pray that your rides are safe, and you put the kickstand down somewhere you will get a bear hug from someone who has been waiting for you.

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