Oh! That Jacket

Some of you already know about my obsession with certain brands and vendors.  I don’t know why, but sometimes I get hooked on certain manufacturers, or shops and they build in my brain to nearly mythic proportions.

Weber grills.  Ferguson’s Meat Market.  Brooks running shoes.  Busse Combat Knives. Hennessee Hammocks. Indian Motorcycles.  Langlitz Leather.

Each one of these brands holds a special place in my dreams, …or wallet…or memory.   So, in the spirit of me being without a ride today, I think I should give a report on the leather jacket my wife got me for Christmas.

See previous post here – https://themotorcycletourer.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/on-a-warm-winters-night/

I was wearing this jacket on my last motorcycle ride.

See previous post here – https://themotorcycletourer.wordpress.com/2017/04/02/goodbye-old-friend/

And after finding that my bike was a mess, and I wasn’t too bad, I started going over all my gear.  I credit the Langlitz with saving me the trouble of picking gravel out of my arm and back, and slightly cushioning the blow to my hip hitting the pavement.

Unfortunately, there is hardly a mark on the jacket.  It will be a completely useless prop as I relate the story of the last ride on my C109 Boulevard.  If I showed them the scuff, everyone listening will think I bumped my arm on the bar reaching for the next beverage.

It’s one fine jacket.  I can’t wait to find another ride so I can wear it again.

5 thoughts on “Oh! That Jacket

  1. Very nice jacket! Well, until you get another ride my suggestion would be to use it as a bad ass bourbon drinking jacket. Although with spring already here you may need to wait until fall. Just a suggestion 😄.

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  2. “Unfortunately, there is hardly a mark on the jacket. It will be a completely useless prop as I relate the story of the last ride on my C109 Boulevard.”

    Man, ain’t that the truth. Without proof, a story’s just, well, a tale. Sure, you’ve got those pics of the accident and smashed up bike, but damage you can wear?… Well, that’s like a trophy, a badge, a gorgeous scar that gets folks asking “Hey, bud, how’d ya get that?”. Such is evidence that one’s life is well-lived.

    I’d say “better luck next time”, but I wouldn’t want to be accused of wishing misfortune upon you. 😉

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