It doesn’t get any better

Father’s Day 2017

4 hours of riding through North Georgia. 

A quick stop for a terrific smoked pulled pork sandwich and a sweet tea. 

Arrive home to both daughters and my wife. 

Grilled rib-eyes, baked potatoes, sweet corn, and carrot cake. 

Watching the sun go down as I sip bourbon and smoke the cigar I’d been saving for a very special occasion. 

God, if heaven offers even more than this, how will I be able to stand it?

8 thoughts on “It doesn’t get any better

  1. Hi there Losthillbilly ~ I’m nominating you for the Blue Sky Tag :)) I found it really fun to do, myself, and I’m looking forward to your insights! Come by my Journal of Dawn blog and check it out. Will be putting my post up with all the info soon :))

    No pressure in answering it all, but I sure look forward to your perspective, and your list of questions, too !!! Dawn

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      • I’m really looking forward to your answers, your perspective, and your questions. Did you dig the motorcycle shot ??? It was parked at Trancas Market, Malibu — across from the beach house I grew up in. I have a deal with myself to carry a camera at all times. Shoot it when you see it! (or you risk losing it) When I came out of the market, the bike was gone. Glad I got the shot :)) :))

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      • I did like the motorcycle shot! I have a professional photographer friend who always tells me that the best camera for the job is the one you are carrying. I’m afraid my photography is a half step above security camera quality. I can’t wait to get to work on those 11 questions as soon as I survive this holiday weekend.

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