Riding Season!

Flowers are blooming  in my front yard!  IMG_8226

Thank you Sweetie-Pie!   If it weren’t for you putting up with me for 28 years my yard would probably be paved.  Someday I’ll actually find out what they are be able to call them by their correct name.

I live in Georgia, so riding season is actually year round, but comfortable riding is mostly from late March to early November.  Those November, December, January, February short, dark, wet days are not good for two wheeled road tripping.

I’m trying to log more time in the saddle and the weather is cooperating beautifully. The temperature is between mosquito dripping weather and I-can’t-feel-my-fingers weather.  The sun is going down a little bit later each day and as soon as the visible clouds of pollen wash out of the sky we will be officially into the summer riding season.

IMG_8216Things are growing.  Our fig tree has survived another Georgia winter and is promising more figs than we can possibly eat again later this year.  My oldest daughter loves all living things and is putting her garden in for this year.

My youngest daughter will visit this weekend with her fiance.  There will  be a bridal shower tea party at my house while I take my future son-in-law out of the house and out of their tea party.  IMG_8209

I’m told I have to bring him back at a certain time.  We’ll see how that goes.

All in all, I’m enjoying this season.

It’s a good season.

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