Day 9?!!!!

Saturday? Day 9?!!! It seems like a lot of miles passed very quickly.

I got off to a good start, but Google girl steered me 10 miles out in the desert then tried to take me down some dirt roads. When I changed the settings from Avoid highways/people/civilization to JUST GET ME THERE! She found a route leading to the World Center for Birds of Prey.

On the way I saw smoke, smelled smoke, then drove through some smoke. The fire north of Boise has jumped the interstate and is apparently being overly destructive.

I rode through a single cloud that was my rain friend for a mile, then it stopped. Weird Idaho. Just weird.

I arrived at the Center for Birds of Prey at 9. IMG_4915It opens at 10. I can’t keep track of time zones. So I used the time to watch the smoke roll through the valley, and check my bike. The oil looked pretty crispy so I searched a place nearby to get it changed. Technology is my friend on the road.

The Peregrine Fund is an amazing foundation. They probably wouldn’t claim full responsibility for saving species, but they should. This place is full of passionate people doing work to protect and preserve some of the most endangered species of birds on the planet.

Sure, the birds may be ugly, but they should be around for future generations, right? Everyone there is in love with birds. I skipped some of the tour, but if I would have had time before my oil change it would have been well worth it.  Oh, and I know this guy is in the dark, but he’s a California Condor and he has a 9 foot wingspan.  If you were standing there you would give him respect.

Carl’s Cycle Sales in Boise has a great sales team, gear selection, and service department. They work on snowmobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, and combinations of all of the above.IMG_4949

I ended up in a town called John Day. This is a town of a single stoplight, 5 restaurants, 4 motels, and coffee shop. Perfect! My first choice of hotel was full up, but the second was cheaper, and closer to the brew pup I wanted to visit. The only drawback – No internet. But that wasn’t my hotel’s fault. Apparently it was out all over town.

I’m behind in my writing, and as soon as I get a few calories in me, I’ll post some more. Thanks for riding along!