Start the engines!

Since I live about 5 hours from the coast, I’m doing the first leg separate from the rest of the ride across the United States. I broke all my riding rules today.

-Got a late start (for a great reason, but still …)

-Rode through morning rush hour in Atlanta

-Stopped at a chain for lunch

-4 hours on the interstate

-didn’t even stop for pictures


But my bike likes eating up the miles at (cough)ish mph.

The only excitement is going to be avoiding people who have mysteriously been lawfully licensed by the state of Georgia to operate a motor vehicle. There are some interesting folk out there.

So, I have arrived at Tybee Island. My girls are on their way to meet me. Okay, the more honest way to say that is my girls are on the way to be at the beach for the weekend and I just happen to be here. We will have fun.

Maybe I can convince them to take a couple of pictures of my “official” start at the east coast.

My cross-country trip officially begins on Sunday. The route I’m following on this first leg is actually Sherman’s march to the sea in reverse.   I hope that’s a good omen for my trip. I’m thinking the reverse route is a way to ward off the occurrence of any burning and pillaging. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a little bit of both included in my trip. But I’d prefer that the burning be a cigar, and pillaging be in a wild blackberry patch.

After this little jaunt to the Atlantic Ocean to make my coast to coast route legit, I’m going to keep the bike on a tight leash for about a month. My official start date going west will begin on July 21st. Stay tuned.