Rush more?

Today was a riding day. Not a race-the-sun riding day, but a feel-that-belly-rush-like-a-kid riding day. Before everyone driving an RV got out on the roads, it was a blast! The road out of Sturgis south is amazing. Those yellow arrow signs that were laughable in Kansas, were serious today. This was some of the most challenging riding of my life. Not because of the technical turns, but because I had to discipline myself from looking at things other than the road. I mean could you think about turn angles, speed, and hitting a late corner apex when you are looking at this?

I think I’ve uncovered a running theme to this ride. I NEED MORE TIME! Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Deadwood, Crazy Horse Memorial, … Any single one of these places could have easily taken a day or more to experience. Then if you factor in the riding – Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, Wildlife loop …I NEED MORE TIME! Riding across country means you are passing by things quickly. That sounds very easy on paper, but when you see all that cool stuff…man, I’d love to climb those rocks, and swim in that lake, and learn more history, and, and, and…I NEED MORE TIME!

That might be a mantra for life. But life keeps moving, and tomorrow so do I. I have to leave town before the circus get’s here.  Bye Sturgis, it was fun.  IMG_4715Really fun.