THE bike

It occurred to me that I’ve begun a blog to chronicle my upcoming motorcycle trip across the United States, give voice to some motorcycle inspired thoughts, and to share some experiences I’ve had on my motorcycle.   But the thing that I haven’t really done here is introduce … THE MOTORCYCLE.Headlight

I purchased her from a Nissan car dealership who had taken it in for trade. It had 3,000 miles on the odometer when I brought her home. Now it has …Odometer6-2016

Not bad for a 2009 C109RT Boulevard. Suzuki decided to stop production on these bikes. Why? I have no idea. This is the bike I researched, shopped for, and found. The burgundy color wasn’t my first choice, but it has grown on me over the last 6 years. I don’t know, maybe after this trip I’ll have to think about a paint job.

She’s picky about a few things.

First, she doesn’t like corn in her fuel. If I fill her up ethanol free she runs better and gets about 4 additional mpg. If I put corn gas in her tank I always to try to put in some additive to alleviate the effects. (Liquid from Corn should be consumed by men, not machines!)

Second, NEVER, EVER, EVER, put as much oil in her as the dealer recommends. If you do, you’ll be cleaning nearly half a quart off the left side as it burps out through the air filter. (Do not ask me how I know)

Third, and I found this out on my way home from purchasing the bike at the dealership, I remember…

dissolve into flashback story-

My wife was following me on the 45 minute ride back to our home. We had a long jaunt right from the dealership along a four lane divided highway. As we cruised along an interstate I let it wind up just a bit. Just a tiny bit. My wife was right behind me. Sooo, just a bit. It felt good. It felt REALLY good. Smooth. Very torquey. Every gear shift made her want to pick up the front wheel, and on a bike that weighs nearly 800 pounds, it feels like you’re riding the back of a jaguar (the animal not the car). It felt REAALLLY good.

Then I rode up the exit ramp and started to make the right turn. The first tight turn I had approached at speed. Counter-steering the front tire left, I leaned it to the right. Um, … not turning. I leaned more. Bike … won’t … lean. I quickly scooted my butt over the right side and growled and LEAAAAANED. I kept it inside the lane, barely. The euphoric testosterone high slammed deeply into a series of related, horrible doubts. Did I just buy a motorcycle that can’t turn? Is that back tire so big that this thing is useless in the mountains? Did I try to buy a jungle cat, but instead leave riding a cow?!!!!

I’m not kidding. That was a scary ride for the rest of the way home. The great news is, and you may want to write this down, if you have a back tire this size …BackTire

Then being a couple of pounds of pressure too low can make a lot of difference. A LOT. I was very relieved to air up the tires correctly and repeat my test ride only to find that yes, the jaguar was healthy and happy in her new home.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

LED’s for fun in the dark

1783 cc 54 degree liquid cooled v-twin


Fuel injected with a Bully controller            Aftermarket G-man 2 into 1 exhaust


Custom air covers


Dual disc front brakes linked rear single

0-60 – before you can say, “Hey, look, was that a Harley Davidson?”



She currently has no name. Nothing has seemed to fit, but if you have any suggestions I’m willing to try. Some of the miles between here that pacific may be lonely enough to cause me to talk to my bike. I may sound a bit less crazy if she has a name.   Or at least confuse people long enough to let me pass through town.  Put any great ideas for a name, or even not-so-great ideas because it’s better than nothing, in the comments below.